Motivational Tips to Train Your Brain to Hate Junk Food


Junk food addiction is something that people actually experience. It’s not just a made up concept. According to studies, people actually crave junk food because they’re designed to ensure that people just can’t resist the temptation. The reason is that too much fat, sugar, and salt, along with additives are added by food manufacturers which entices people to eat more junk food, and also want more even if they’re full.

Eating junk and sugary foods makes you less productive. It’s hard to eliminate them from your diet, but not all hope has been lost. Remember, there are some tactics that can help you get over this addiction even if your a junk food lover. You need to practice them regularly to get used to them.

Understand Your Own Psyche

Understanding your own thought processes and vices is the most important thing. You are the best person to decide what you want to eat. Nobody else will know what you’re craving unless you tell them. Are you addicted to sugar or fast food? What would you rather have for lunch Once you know the answer to this question (and you probably already do), avoiding distractions will become easier.

The very first thing to do is stop keeping food in your pantry that you want to eat. If it is sweet foods, only eat fruits, nuts and whole grain products that contain no more then five ingredients. Research suggests that people tend to eat the foods that are closest at hand. If your workplace is close to an eating outlet that you frequent, make sure you change your route to get there.

Another thing, no matter what, don’t go out to fast food places when you’re planning a night out or an event with friends. It doesn’t matter how hard you try not to eat junk food, it will become almost impossible when you are under the influence of alcohol or peer pressure. Instead of trying to force yourself to choose between quitting or taking, it’s better to use the avoidance policy.

Creating a Game Plan to Hate Junk

A game plan always succeeds no matter what kind of plan you intend to follow. The thing is, when you already have an image in mind, you tend not to go about doing anything random. What should be your eating plan that helps you stay away from junk and processed foods?

Start by shopping for healthful foods at the grocery store with a written list. A list will help you keep away from junk foods like store bought doughnuts and deli meats. Also, remember that grocery stores are too set up so that they force you to buy more than you actually want or need.

Stay away from the center aisle. These are the ones with the processed and packaged ingredients. Fresh produce is usually kept in the front of the store, and this is where you should go for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Next, think out a meal in advance so you don’t get hungry. Don’t rely on sandwiches or fried processed foods. Junk foods include things like chips, cookies, candies, etc. Make a menu that includes everything from appetizers to main courses to desserts. This will help you stick to your healthy diet. Once you are home from school, cook the food and prepare it as entertainingly as possible. This will reinforce the concept of cooking every day.

Actionable Intent to Stop Eating Junk

The plan is useless unless and until there is some proper action taken. Don’t think that the healthy food you buy will magically appear at your door and cook itself. You’ll have to take some action to get things moving. Get rid of all items in the kitchen or in your refrigerator that can be called junk or trash. Don’t keep any secrets from your spouse.

Keep reminding yourself again that the end result of this junk food reduction plan is a healthier and happier you. Sports help in quitting junk food. If you don’t like sports, then join a health or fitness club or class that is at the gym or involves yoga. These are going to help you get rid of your junk food cravings.

Chew More Eat Less

You may not know this, but if you take time to eat, you’re likely to eat less. Even if it is unhealthy food that you’re holding? According to science, it’s true. Eating longer than necessary will increase the total number of minutes that you eat. According to research, after 20 minutes of eating, your stomach sends a signal of fullness to your brain.

Try to chew for 20 minutes. It may take some time to master the process, but once you’ve learned it, it will soon become your routine.

Pay Attention to Colors and Environment

You may have noticed McDonald’s uses pink and orange. These colors, along with orange, are the ones that stimulate appetite and give you a craving for food. Hence the reason why restaurants usually prefer having these colors in the decor scheme.

Make sure that your dining area is deprived of these foods. Furthermore, the cutlery, utensils, and dishes you use, must not contain any of these colors. Choose plates and cutlery that aren’t too flashy and don’t draw attention to themselves. So, you shouldn’t really enjoy using them for serving food, even if it is from Chinese restaurants. Another thing to do is to serve your meals on smaller plates so that you eat less.

Textures and Colors of Food

The reason why fast foods look so appetizing is that they’re packed full of ingredients, which means there’s plenty going on in them, including different colors, textures, designs, etc. To eat healthily, you need to replicate the nutritional value of healthy foods. Try to not only offer three-course meals but add a variety of colors, flavors, and textures. Make sure to have all the ingredients for the meal from salty to sweet so that your taste buds get fully satisfied.

The More You Know, the lesser Junk You will consume

Gross yourself out, that’s all there is to it. Read on to discover how junk food is made and why you should stop eating it without any effort. Did you know that pink and red dyes are made from cochineal insects? Other ‘gross’ things will help you get over your junk food addiction too.

Have Cheat Days!

Yes, you definitely need them. We’re not saying you should never eat fast food again. It’s just that we’re not suggesting you stop eating it entirely. Have cheat days, like once every 7 days or once in 10 days These will keep you from eating junk food for the rest of the day and help curb your cravings as well.

Yes, cutting out unhealthy foods from your life may seem impossible right now, but if you practice, you’ll get better at it. It is about changing your mind-set and tricking your brain into thinking something else. Just be sure of yourself, and you will be capable of defeating the habit of junk food forever.


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