Harmony at Home: 5 Tips to Leave Work at the Office


Work is one of the most important conditions for individual fulfillment in people’s lives. We’re inextricably linked with our occupation and career because we’re significant members of society. Psychologists say that this significance is the key need for people to feel fully satisfied and happy. Indeed, when we ask ourselves “Who am I?” and ”What is my social value?”, not once, is it? Furthermore, day by day we put tremendous effort into answering questions from our visitors one day in the future.

It is true that one can say that it is only the right way to live a good life, but there are other questions we need to ask ourselves “Do we have a life outside of our office?” And “How much time do we spend at home with our families?“ We can bet that you won’t be able to tell where the line between these two spheres of our lives lies, and if you succeed in doing so, the answer will likely be in favor of family life. It wasn’t because you were so bad at being a family man, but rather, you became the hostage to a crazy workaholic culture as many others.

The essence of the problem and how to leave work at the office

These days, high rates of business activity; fast technological progress; and ruthless competition on labor market create numerous challenges for working men and women. As employees become more involved in multiple projects at once, their circle of responsibilities expands. To ensure success in completing all official obligations, the person should meet the requirements of the new century. Such high standards and a dynamic environment cause employees to be overloaded with information and emotions.

Businesses suffer from a permanent excessive workload. As soon as they solve one problem, they start thinking about the next working problem and continue to think about it even after their working hours end. They should be in contact almost every hour of the day (thanks to the latest technological inventions) So, even when people are not at home (at work, in transport, etc.) they still work. Naturally, it happens at the cost of family time.

The problem of work-life balance is especially urgent for the work-life leaders and the working women.

Because of this, it has little difference between the two main categories. Business leaders have a great responsibility. They must oversee various areas of activity and the countless tasks which cannot be left without their individual contributions or control. Such situations make them work at home. If talking about women, the issue seems to be a need to be present at two different times. There are a number of reasons why people choose to live alone. Both are under constant pressure.

It’s not normal. We say, no. Doctors and psychologists have similar thoughts and present convincing arguments to show the dangers of working from home.

  • People who work long hours tend to die younger than those who work shorter hours.
  • Employees who don’t get enough vacation time tend to be less healthy than employees who take vacations.
  • Women who don’t get any time off work suffer more from depression than women who get the chance to spend more quality time with their families.
  • Burnout and chronic stress are common among all categories of employees who experience permanent overload with work, emotiona­l pressure, and stress.
  • Family crises are caused by lack of time for family.
  • Constant involvement in solving work issues depletes people’s concentration, which lowers their personal and social safety. Being distracted by staring down at a phone (being with the head in the cloud) while crossing the street can have fatal consequences. Equally dangerous is being distracted while driving a car.

It is important to set your own personal boundaries so that you can maintain a healthy work-life balance, but it is a question how you do this. There are some things we recommend that can help you break free from business chains and gain more space for your personal life.

How to leave work at the office?

Effective planning.

Have you noticed how your time goes into nothing without any results but you keep working and feel incredible exhaustion? It’s the first attribute of imperfectly managing your time. You never know when you’ve done enough for today. Without a plan, it’s easy to grab for everything and do too much at once. It seems to cause chaotic actions and enhance the emotional tension. Planning a day, we get a strategy for our activities, our minds become clear, we know the point at which we can stop working today and what is more meaningful, we receive more satisfaction when all planned business is completed. Thus, effective plans not only structure our work properly but also promote our high-quality leisure and mental health (as well as the cases where we overestimate our abilities and plan much more then can be done).

Delegating authority and responsibility to the others.

The idea that no one can do better than you at something is quite common among people. Even when we can delegate some of our responsibilities, we don’t use this opportunity or try and control everything. You’re not the corner of the universe. We’re not trying to undermine your skills and abilities, so don’t worry. But you should give a chance to your colleagues to show themselves, especially if you are their boss. Higher responsibility for the staff will lead to greater professionalism.

Determining your priorities.

Both prioritizing of work tasks (effective planning) and choosing what is more import­ant for you at any given time (effective prioritizing) are equally important. It’s not easy to choose between work and family. Especially for women who often take care of their husbands’ family functions. Indeed, every day the solution gets closer because of new work trends. With the ever-changing business environment and its crucial challenge to the employee, the employers today are more open to a flexible work schedule.

So, at any time you can ask for freelance or part-time work without hesitation. Determine your priorities, and choose a schedule that works best for you. It provides the opportunity for people to be at home more often and work efficiently at the exact same time. If your company doesn’t go along with time, don’t hesitate to change your workplace. It affects people who value their family and health above everything else.

Switching off your gadgets when the work time ends.

When we didn’t have any modern high-tech devices, people also worked and worked efficiently. Whatever happens during non-working hours, it can be dealt with later. What had changed? (What was There is nothing else besides having phones and humans to react on the messages instantly. Don’t answer calls, emails, Skype messages, and phone messages during your workout time. Let your mind be there where your physical body is.Inputs It will be complicated at first, but after a certain time, it becomes your good practice. Furthermore, if you don’t answer your phone during the nonworking hours, the other person will know that you’re not working. The number of messages you receive will significantly decrease, and your mood will improve.


The strange thing, isn’t it? However, it is still one of the most meaningful ones. The psychologists say that we’re crazy busy only in our minds. Devotion to the work may be an attempt to compensate for gaps in other areas of your life, or to prove something to others. You should have a serious and sincere conversation with yourself. It will help you find the psychological conditions that make you hide from the whole word behind your business. Escaping doesn’t solve the problem, but it deepens it by causing tremendous results.

And finally, the last thing! Remember, the days when professional employees depended on their employers are long gone. Today, the success of companies depends on their high-qualified staff. Because of this, you should only do one thing: improve your qualifications and set individual boundaries which work for your benefit. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s the only right way to achieve a healthy work-life balance.


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