Can Retail Therapy Help Boost Your Mood?


Have you just experienced a breakup or been through a severe mental trauma? So, the first thing women, and nowadays men, prefer is to go shopping! Many people would question the use of retail shopping to help boost their moods. According to the authors of the research paper, Retail Therapy is a strategic effort that retailers can use to boost their business. Retail therapy can be a useful tool to help boost your mood if you use it in moderation.

Let us have a look at how retail therapy works as a stress buster in your day-to-day life.

It can brighten your mood

A new study at Journal of Consumer Psychol­ogy suggests that retail therapy has enhanced psychological benefits and improves mood as a consequence. They further researched and studied the human behavior and found out that it depends on the emotions that the person was experiencing before.

If external factors drive your decision making, then you should start deciding for yourself. What to buy, where to shop, etc. It will help you gain some degree of control over your life.

You might think that when you go shopping, you need to buy some cool looking clothes that suit your personality, or maybe some trendy and cool jeans, but you don’t really need to. However, you also need to look at the costs and expenditures as well.

Ease transitions

According to a professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, when you shop to your hearts content, you will be more likely to enter a new phase in life. Shopping is also a rich source of mental preparedness, so this helps for a smooth transition into another phase of life.

As per Yarrow, when we shop, we tend to visualise a better future for ourselves and accordingly, buy the products. You will still be able to think of cute things to buy for your child even though you are suffering from personal losses, for example. This is just one example that shows how shopping helps to divert people’s attention away from their problems and make them feel better.

Enhances dopamine level

A study shows that when you’re going out for shopping, your excitement increases. When you feel excited and thrilled, your body produces a hormone called dopamine. Dr Travis Stork has noted that the part of the brain filled with dopamine is the same whether the person is having sex or not.

Improves child’s overall development

According to the study published by Dr Laurence Roop and Professor Paul Anand in Daily Mail, shopping is a physical activity that requires more movement and interaction with people of different types. So this could enhance children’s social skills.

Shopping with your little one can be a nightmare sometimes. However, the fact remains that while you step out shopping with your kids, they may benefit in the long run.

Final Words

If you’re still worried or tense about your future and life, then you need to get help. One of the best ways to deal with such issues is to go shopping in moderation. It can help you to relax and relieve the stress and tension of your life.


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