Reasons Why Fear Is Good for Your Health


Good news for horror movie fans: Feeling scared is good for you. It’s a fact! And now the spookiest time of year has arrived. What better excuse could you have for getting dressed up in a scary costume and taking part in some truly frightening activities? If you’re still wondering if fear is a good thing, well, we’ve got some scary secrets for you. Fear is good for your health because it helps keep you safe.

Fear gives you a natural feel-good boost

When you feel the anxiety and do it anyway, then you’re stepping outside your comfort zone. Not only does this allow you to be receptive to new experiences, but it also lets you try new things and feel alive.

Think about all those terrifying experiences you had as a child when you heard a ghost story and wondered if it might be true? Remember how you felt when you were younger. Now think about how much fun you had. Perhaps you were sharing your experience with friends. Sharing a scary experience will also help your brain’s “social receptors” become stronger. Essentially, this improves how you feel and increases the brain’s feeling-good chemical, making it easier to feel happy and “charged’ for the day ahead.

Fear boosts your immune system

Fear might make you happy, but it doesn’t necessarily help you get things done. But did you know that it’s actually really good for your immune system as well? If fear is short-lived, think of it as a jump scare, Halloween fun, adrenaline-causing situation. Not long-term anxiety. Then fear can strengthen the immune systems.

Fear creates an immune reaction in the body. Even psychological fear, like watching a scary movie, makes your body think it’s in danger. As a result, the system responds by releasing adrenaline into the bloodstream, which can help boost the immune system just like exercise does. Another scientific study even showed how stress can cause the body to produce white blood cells, as they do when fighting off an infection.

Fear lowers your levels of stress

After a challenging workout or a big belly laugh, you actually feel more relaxed. Fear works in the same way as any other emotion. When we are scared our bodies produce adrenaline which boosts our body’s reaction—our heart rate increases, we may even sweat. It’s

However, once your body realizes that it has nothing to fear, it begins to relax. Your muscles will relax, oxygen will start to fill your lungs, oxygen-filled blood flows through your body, and the brain releases feel-good chemicals, like endorphins, which gives you that good mood boost. This not only makes your skin look great now but can help lower your stress levels long term.

Fear can help you lose weight

Exercise boosts your body’s capabilities and helps you lose fat. Similarly, fear can help you lose weight. It doesn’t mean binge watching all the Halloween movies will get you into shape, especially if there’s a giant tub of popcorn around, but it will help some.

When your body feels fear, its metabolism increases, which means you burn more calories overall. Feeling scared can actually be good if you’re trying to lose weight.

Low-risk, scary activities you can try to get that fear adrenaline boost

To experience the fear and its benefits for yourself, the only thing left is to build up the courage and go ahead and do it. What activities are there that will allow you to experience fear in a reasonable way to get the maximum benefits from them?

Try out Verv’s exclusive Halloween workouts

We’ve got some exclusive spooky and limited-editions content available now. Visit our app to experience a scary forest walk and a relaxing workout that will leave you feeling both exercised and relaxed. It’s a lot of fun too!

Go trick or treating

This is a Halloween classic for a reason, and you’re never too big to give it a go. Get on your spooky Halloween outfit and hit the town for some trick or treating. P.S. This works best with a group of friends.

Get that haunted house experience

Depending on where you live and the COVID restrictions there, this may be a “go” or a “DIY” experience. If you have the chance, visiting a haunted house lets you feel the jump scares of the unpredictable, which will increase your heart rate and get you pumped up—going to one at home? It doesn’t matter either way. With your family, work together to decorate one room each. Make sure that they use items that are appropriate for Halloween.

Hop onto your local ghost tour

A history book, ghost stories, and maybe even a few devils. Hop on a local ghost tour and see your local surroundings like you’ve never seen them before. Every area has its own local myths and legends and by learning about them, you not only get to experience history but have frightfully fun while doing so.

Remember back to when we were kids? What games did you enjoy playing at Halloween? Chances are, besides dunking for apples, you had some spooky ones, as well? Well, what better day than Halloween to get back into contact with your inner child. Have some fun playing some tried and tested Halloween board games.


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